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Can I email you a picture of my rash and get your opinion?

No. We cannot provide medical advice without seeing the condition first hand. In person assessments are required for any and all advice. This is for numerous reasons: pictures are often not clear enough for us to get a real idea of what we’re dealing it. They also reduce a three dimensional issue to two dimensions. Any advice given without an in person assessment is more likely to be incorrect or not get the whole picture. Our priority is your health – and that requires seeing you in person.

Why do you require assessment before laser treatment?

Lasers are powerful, and tremendously useful tools. If used incorrectly, hurriedly, or without proper consideration, they can also be extremely dangerous.
In order to ensure your health as well as the best results, we require that anyone looking to undergo laser procedures in our practice first be assessed by Dr. Weatherhead. This assessment allows us the change to screen for underlying concerns, tailor the treatment to your needs, and provide you with additional information and education to reach your skin care goals. Treatments continue under the watchful and experienced surpervision of Dr. Weatherhead – ensuring your safety and the best results.

“The Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) strongly believes that In the interest of patient safety, individuals must first be properly diagnosed before undergoing laser treatment. At times, skin cancers are inappropriately treated with lasers leading to delayed diagnosis and inadequate treatment.

The CDA strongly recommends that the use of lasers in cosmetic and dermatologic procedures be restricted to physicians and personnel under the guidance of physicians who have a greater understanding of the skin, its structure and the implications of laser use on the skin.” Source