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Alyria Skin Care Products

Alyria is a Canadian brand owned by Sanofi Consumer Health.

Alyria products incorporate the best ingredients and technologies that the world has
to offer. Each product is formulated with proven ingredients in effective percentages
and state-of-the-art technology, including patented delivery systems, to enhance
the beauty of your skin.

Doctor-tested, recommended and sold, Alyria’s advanced skincare products improve skin tone and texture, and noticeably reduce fine lines and even deep wrinkles.

Alyria: Trusted to deliver real results.

As your skin ages the turnover of skin cells slows significantly,
collagen and elastin begin to break down causing the skin
to lose its resilience resulting in fine lines, enlarged pores,
wrinkles and sagging. Daily sun exposure accelerates this
aging process and may cause uneven coloring and eventually
the appearance of age or sun spots.

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