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Corrective Procedures

These procedures include:

  • Acne Scars
  • Earlobe Repair-scars; tears.

Acne Scars:
There are several types of acne scars. Scars may be treated by one of several methods or combination therapy. These treatments include:

* CROSS Therapy: The use of an acid applied to the scar to cause remodelling of the skin and scar.
* SUBCISIONAL Surgery: Surgery preformed deep in the skin under the scar.
* PUNCH EXCISION/ SURGICAL EXCISION: Removal of the scar surgically.
Dr. Weatherhead will evaluate the scars and determine the best approach for treatment. However, some scars are not treatable which is why an evaluation is required.

Ear-Lobe Keloid Scars:
These types of scars can be difficult to treat with a high risk of recurrence. Management is surgical with regular post operative management which can include the use of steroid injections, radiation therapy or a combination of the two.
Evaluation is necessary to determine the best mode of treatment and whether the scar is treatable.

These procedures are not covered by OHIP. Cost will depend on what method is used and the extent of the procedure.

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