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Fillers are agents which are injected into the skin to restore lost volume. The results are almost immediately visible. Fillers are most commonly used to enhance lips, boost mid-face hollowing, correct tear troughs and facial lines as well as boosting the jaw contour and giving a bit of a facial lift. The commonly used fillers are non-permanent Hyaluronic Acid products. In our office, we use products from the Restylane familytm, e.g. Restylane and Perlane. The duration of the product varies from person to person, but may have a range of six to twelve months.

Injection may be slightly painful and so local anesthesia is commonly used to make the procedure more comfortable.
Potential risks of fillers include, but are not limited to, activation of cold sores and bruising. Some medical conditions and pregnancy are contraindications to having filler products. A full medical evaluation is required before a filler can be used.

Injectables are performed only by Dr Weatherhead, one of the first injectors of Restylane who started using the product two weeks after it was introduced into Canada around fifteen years ago.

These procedures are not covered by OHIP. Cost depends on the number of syringes being used.

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