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A medical condition which can present from a flushed/ diffused facial redness to deep red facial colour associated with acne type spots and facial burning.

Nd: YAG Laser Vascular


How Can Rosacea Be Treated? Rosacea can be aided by light based therapy (Laser or intense pulse light (IPL) therapy) or, on occasion, a combination of the two

How Many Treatments? On average four to six treatments are required. Is Only Laser Therapy Required? More severe changes, associated with acne type spots, may require a combination of light based therapy and medical treatment.

Every case assessed according to amount of involvement and appropriate program recommended

Technology Used: Cutera Laser Genesis (ND YAG 1064) and Intelligent Pulse Light (Limelight IPL)

Vascular Factoid

Rosacea presents as facial flushing, persistent redness, dilated superficial blood vessels, inflammatory papules and pustules. Dilated blood vessels are best treated with laser and light-based therapies.


Sun exposure can speed up the appearance of new vessels on the face. Adequate sun-protection (SPF 30 or higher) is absolutely necessary and can slow down the rate at which new vessels appear.